Kelsie reprises her first collection, Musings, with the soul-searching and delightful ensemble of Rhyme & Reason nurtured in four college years of triumph and tragedy, humor and heartbreak. Milton Burle said, “Laughter is an instant vacation.” The author walks the fine line between humor and pain. She avoids the nauseating self-indulgence of the drama queen and elects to share only growth and good humor. Most riveting is her willingness to be vulnerable—to discuss fear, doubt, hurt, insecurity, and the redemptive turns God’s grace brings about in the midst of each growth spurt in a walk of faith. Rhyme & Reason is a refreshing, different kind of R&R.

Excerpts from the book:


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From “To Elaina”


If all the world should fall away,

Your dreams and cares rebuffed,

And you are left with only God,

He still would be enough.

From “Can’t See the Man”

Isn’t it grand
When you can’t see the man
Who is preaching the Word of God?

All I see is a head
That’s just risen from bed
As it makes the occasional nod.


Though I am overjoyed
God’s Word won’t return void
And I’ll always be found in my place,

I’m just voicing the thought,
It would help me a lot,
To be able to see Pastor’s face.

From “At Day’s End”

Another day of work has past,

Another deadline’s breathed its last,

And into twilight all is cast,
It’s time to find your rest.

A journey home in vacant thought,
No questions asked, no answers sought,

Just shades of what the day has wrought,

Night dons its starry vest.