Would you like to build some muscle? Ready to hit the gym and pump some daily bread? No matter how great your pastor’s sermons are, you were made to feed yourself as well. Just as there is more to eating than looking at the food, there is more to growing spiritually than reading Bible verses. So how do you eat, digest, and exercise the Word of God into muscle? How do you GROW and KNOW what you believe?

How to Build Your Own Biblical Standards is neither an apologetic nor a theological discourse. It is practical training on how to determine what you believe a day at a time. It is conversational and informal. The task is exciting—not daunting or intimidating.

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Pleasing God is not a mystery only discernable by a few spiritual giraffes. There is a logical, repeatable line from scripture to conviction to standard that any Spirit-led Christian can follow.

If a co-worker put you on trial for biblical living and the only witnesses you could call were scriptures you could produce from the Bible alone, could you defend yourself? There would be no “phone a friend” or “check with the pastor” or “text your dad”.  Why do you believe that? Why do you live that way? Why do other Christians seem convinced God wants them to live in ways you don’t really understand? Is it just one person’s preference versus another’s? What if you don’t feel convicted?

How to Build Your Own Biblical Standards was written for you. Real growth requires a heart to please God, an understanding of His Word to know what pleases God, and the character to make it real every day. The world is changing all around us. Applying biblical principles can feel like trying to hit a moving target. Some cling to what good people have told them. Others jettison objective belief for what feels right to them. Digging Bible principles out for yourself and following an easy-to-understand approach to applying them will give you convictions and the courage to follow them.


232 pages • Softcover

$15.95 + P&H

Early responses to the new book:

In China - It is awesome. An engineer in our church and I have already decided to begin using it as our study guide...thanks for the resource.

Texas pastor - How to Build Your Own Biblical Standards is exactly the resource I have needed to train my church to know WHY we live a separated life and how to build standards for themselves.

Evangelist - I give one to every pastor I preach for and sell them on my table. It truly is a repeatable, logical, simple way to understand biblical principles and how to apply them to life.

Alaska - We are desperate for this kind of training material. I will be teaching our youth group the process found in this book.

College Vice-president - I completely agree with with your approach to this subject and your children are a testimony to the effectiveness of your book.

Parent of young children - I always wondered how you and your wife turned out five adult children who are not only all serving God but who have kept the same standards you raised them with. Now I understand the training behind it.