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When Two Become One is the kind of earnest straight-forwardness you would expect from a friendly counselor who knows you are about to get hitched and simply gives you the truth from long experience. It is unapologetically frank with information you want and need to know but may feel uncomfortable asking others. It also asks important questions you may never have considered but absolutely should before you join yourself to another for life.

WARNING: This book is both direct and explicit about sexuality on the honeymoon. It is intended for engaged couples relatively near their wedding day, not dating couples. It is NOT intended for those who sincerely believe everything sexual should be a surprise. Please purchase accordingly.

Chapter summaries:

Chapter 1 covers the essential, scriptural triangle of spirituality, personal chemistry, and the will of God and tells our living chick flick story. It also discusses the supreme importance of agreeing on truth and church home.

Chapter 2 covers wedding music, clothing, photography, vows, receptions, caring for the pastor who performs your ceremony, protecting your purity and much more.

Chapter 3 covers transparency and track record. Have you asked yourselves the right questions? Do you understand the vast difference between familiarity and intimacy? Do you have the wisdom to look at the past in such a way that you can reliably predict the future for your marriage? Have you pondered the certainty that there is much you don’t know about your prospective mate?

Chapters 4 and 5 cover the honeymoon. Chapter four is specifically to the groom and chapter five is to the bride. They cover contraception, sexual expectations, physical preparation for the first night, climax questions, a joyfully biblical attitude toward sex, menstruation, size and shape questions, honeymoon planning, oxygen, male and female differences, and a host of other intimate issues.

Chapter 6 covers seven important daily devotions for the last seven days of single life, with titles like: “One flesh and one spirit”, “Heart-man and he-knowledge”, and “The best debt you’ll ever pay”.

Chapter 7 is a list of suggestions, gleaned from counseling thousands of married couples, to help you begin your rookie year wisely. It touches on your spiritual and devotional life, finances, anger, cooking, planning, and good habits you want to establish right away. It also discusses how to set healthy boundaries with family and couple friends.

Chapter 8 covers the awesome potential you have as a couple for Christ and the power of a team. It discusses the usefulness of quick damage control when you mess up and the importance of finding your spiritual mission together.

Too many newlyweds never become oldyweds. Too many settle for less joy, felicity, and pleasure than God intended them to have together. Starting right is of critical importance to staying the course and loving the journey.

  1. Which issues are deal-breakers and which are serious adjustments?

  2. Have you found clear answers to your questions about sex?

  3. Have you, the bride, prepared yourself physically for the honeymoon?

  4. What does a marriage in biblical order look like and how do you deal with leadership and submission issues?

  5. Could sexual abuse or molestation in your past require specific adjustment in your married life?

  6. Have you scheduled pastoral, pre-marital counseling, an appointment with your gynecologist, and a detailed conversation about contraception issues?

  7. Do you have any specific training toward your honeymoon and how to be a caring lover?

  8. Do you have a biblical enthusiasm and celebratory attitude about married sex?

216 pages • Softcover

$15.95 + P&H