Seeking a Godly Seed


Book at a Glance

Introduction: God the Father Knows Best

  1. 1) The Fire Did It

  2. 2) Priority Is Everything


3) Training: The Crown Jewel

4) The Indispensable Principle

5) Have You Lost Your Head?

6) The Power of a Team

7) Early Building Blocks

8) The Power of “NO”

9) The Power of Role Play

10) Sharp Kids

11) Manhood Lessons

12) Guide of the Youth

13) What Do We Say About Sex?

14) Overcoming a Bad Experience

15) Training Mom About Sons

16) What Does a Biblical Home Look Like?


17) Is My Child the Exception?

18) 7 Laws of Biblical Chastening

19) Workshop for Biblical Chastening

20) The Power of Reward

21) Channels: Healing the Abused


22) Missing It

23) Be Complimentary & Cheerful All the Time

24) The Law of Kindness

25) Date Time

26) Bedtime Prayer

27) Daddy Tape

28) Leading Your Child to Christ

29) Family Traditions

30) Harmonizing Through Music

31) It’s Worth It!


Full Disclosure

Character Objectives

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