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When Risqué Is Okay

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Raising obedient children who accept Christ as Savior and become church attenders can be challenging for any parent. It is an entirely different challenge to raise godly, faithful children who embrace biblical discipleship, know their spiritual mission (their course), and are both motivated and equipped to fulfill it. Seeking a Godly Seed covers day to day child rearing issues and goes on to give parents the tools to raise children who love and serve God for a lifetime.

What is the child rearing triangle? How do you understand and administer chastening in a way that both pleases God and draws you closer to your child? What are manhood and womanhood lessons and what should you be teaching your adolescents to prepare them for life? What do you say about sex and when? How do you prepare a young child’s heart to grasp the principles of salvation? How do you utilize one-on-one dates to great effect? Do you wait until a toddler can carry on a conversation before training and chastening?

These questions and many more are answered in Seeking a Godly Seed. $30, 560 pages-Hardback

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When Two Become One

How to Build Your Own

Biblical Standards